Achieving Total Light Control with Your Scottsdale Window Decor

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If you’re like me, you love to throw the curtains wide and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air of a pleasant day. In the evening, you want Scottsdale window decor that allows you to limit your home’s visibility from the outside. For other people, though, their needs are even more specific. Some people work odd shifts, or have young children who nap, and need to be able to completely block out all light at will. Finding high-quality light blocking Scottsdale window decor that is functional and fashionable can be a challenge.

So how can you achieve total light control with your window decor without heavy drapes that overpower your space? The answer is layering. If you like the idea of blinds (they can be used alone, but they don’t need to be), then look for high-quality light blocking blinds for use in your Scottsdale window decor. Most people think of apartment standard style white blinds when they think of blinds, but there are so many more options – many of them both stylish and light blocking as Scottsdale window decor. Vertical blinds, plantation style blinds, honeycomb blinds. All of these are great window decor options that can be really effective at light blocking.

Once you’ve found blinds that can be a part of your Scottsdale window decor scheme, you can focus on curtains for use over them. You can avoid a look that’s too heavy or dark by looking for lighter curtains with light-blocking materials on the outward facing side. This can match a lighter home and Scottsdale window decor scheme while not weighing down the overall look of the room, and still provide the light blocking level that you need. The great thing about this combo is you can always raise the blinds so that they are out of sight and not obstructing your window view. The curtains can also be pulled back with stylish tie backs to look great as Scottsdale window decor while letting natural light in.

Once you’ve found the combination of blinds and curtains that best suit your window decor scheme, you can dress them up with accents, like the decorative tie backs previously mentioned. Accent sheers can be draped over the rod or used in other creative ways to spice up your window decor theme that ties in to the decor in the rest of your home.

When complete light blocking is needed, this set up makes it easy to achieve the desired level of darkness at a moment’s notice. This is a challenge that many people face, and aren’t quite sure how to solve, but the right Scottsdale window can make it easier. Simply close your light blocking blinds and, if you need more, pull the light blocking curtains, as well. This allows for a dark, quiet and restful space at any time of the day or night – a great, long-term solution for third shift workers and families with young children.